List of the best skateboard bearings

best skateboard bearings


Bones Swiss Ceramics Bearings

best skateboard bearings

Let’s kick it off with the first one on our record; you know that it will not be skateboard bearings inspection with no Bones Swiss. These men have been published in the marketplace.

It requires following a premium tier ABEC 7 for high quality bearings by Bronson Speed Co.. Additionally, you will see that they have been pre-lubricated, so it saves you hassle and time. And in precisely the exact same time, it provides a speedy and smoother ride.

They are in a standard size, so it is going to match for the majority of the skaters on the market. If it comes to functionality and endurance, you will be blown away by what it could offer.

You getting 8 bearings, which can be to the 4 wheels. These are more than simply for skateboarding. We have attempted in on our seat, and they match with no troubles whatsoever.

Broadly, it is a great bundle that allows you glide without needing to take care of any sound.


Premium Grade ABEC 7
Ensures smoother and quicker ride
Doesn’t make any sound


The Cost Might Be too expensive for a few skaters

Bones Super Swiss 6 Competition Skate Bearings

Bones Super Swiss 6 Competition Skate Bearings

On the current market, this has one of designs I’ve seen. In a glance, you will automatically be faced with 6 diameter chunks that measure at 8mm. The majority of the bearings are at 7mm, so it is nice to see a few changes.

It promises to offer you the benefit of having a higher speed in comparison to similar products, faster acceleration, and an outstanding strength and durability.

It seems Super Swiss wanted to innovate skate bearings’ concept, and they have successfully done that.

The manufacturers also thought about giving it an advantage, that’s why it comes in with bearings that have impacted the marketplace. It’s been well outfitted with rubber protects, making cleaning faster and easier for many skaters’ use.

Merely to give you a head’s up, it has a racing lubricant that is competition-grade as well for those peeps who intend on moving fast and furious.

If that’s not enough to allow you to join the army, the manufacturing is offering a lifetime warranty against any company defects.


Delivers a unique layout
Diameter steps at 8mm
Precision tier
Lifetime Warranty


Initial investment may be a bit too expensive

Bones Ceramic Reds

Bones Ceramic Reds

If you have been skating for quite a while, then you have likely heard of Bones business. At the business, it conveys the standing that is very best as it’s been running for the last 25 decades.

With that said, it safe to state that they’ve shown themselves time and time again that superior and their functionality are always on stage.

Famous for their price tag and longevity, this might be a selection for you if you’re searching for something special that’s light in the pocket.

These chunks are proven to be tougher, stronger, and lighter . It’s also waterproof. Owing to the attributes that are ceramic, it lasts more than the steel balls.

So you will spend less time cleaning it comes in having a rubber guard that is helpful. Additionally, it generates less friction.

The manufacturers have pre-lubricated It, and it brings a rate racing lubricant to you to help keep you rolling. And as it includes a guarantee for extra assurance, you haven’t anything to be concerned about.


Credible Company Reputation
Offers cheap price tag
Convenient removable rubber shield
Ceramic Features


Some steel bearings may outperform this 1

Bronson G3 Single Set

Bronson G3 Single Set

1 thing that I can say right off — that the bundle is fire. It seems Bronson wanted to maintain its caliber high up to normal in the packaging. But that’s not all that it can provide, these are some bearings that are fantastic, to say the least.

It provides a quiet and smooth encounter. Upon receiving the package, you’ll see that they’ve been secured in plastic. Additionally, each one of those posture came with a washer between them.

By the way, they are on a plastic rod. Little add-ons are what I look for, and I was glad that they had been kind enough to place spacers and Bronson stickers.

They’re in professional grade ABEC 7, so they are in top-notch quality. The production has them to provide you a smoother and faster skating experience.

Generally , you’re getting a whole lot with the money that you’re investing. Considering the fact that its tin container is really solid, and the bearings.


High-quality package design
Smooth and quiet rolling
Comes with washer


It has limited functions