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The backside 5-0 is a trick that can be done on a ledge, rail, or coping. However, the most popular place to do this trick is on a small ledge. In this section you will learn how to do a backside 5-0 grind on a ledge.

You will need to be able to easily ollie higher than the ledge you want to do your backside 5-0 grind on. You will find this trick very difficult to learn on a ledge that wasn’t designed for skateboarding or hasn’t been prepared with wax. You should also be comfortable with manuals. If you find yourself struggling with the backside 5-0 grind, you might try learning frontside 5-0s or 50-50 grinds first.

1. Approach with the ledge to your back side and set your feet for an ollie. If your approach is too straight-on, you will not grind along the length of the ledge. If your approach is too parallel, you might find it difficult to get the board to land perfectly on the edge of the ledge. The approach angle is important.

2. As you near the ledge, ollie slightly higher than the ledge.

3. Instead of landing flat like you might on flat ground, land with your back trucks straddling the leading edge of the ledge. Your trucks should slide along the edge.

4. Your momentum should carry the board along the ledge in a grind. The slower you are going, the shorter your grind will be. Try to keep the front trucks off the ledge and keep your balance as if you are in a manual.

5. Your body should be leaning slightly away from the ledge unless you have enough speed and balance to make it to the end of the ledge. When you feel that you’ve held the grind as long as you can, swing the front end of the board away from the ledge. The board should roll off the ledge easily.

6. Plop yourself on the ground and prepare for your next trick.

The 5-0 grind is a cool trick because it scales up nicely. At first they look like a 5-0 stall that slides just a little. The more comfortable you are doing them, the longer they get. Masters of the 5-0 grind can turn them into all kinds of gnarly variations. Any of these tricks are within your ability to learn.

The biggest challenge most people have with backside 5-0s is keeping the board in a manual. Some of this will have to do with the nature of the structure. Rough or sticky surfaces will provide more resistance, so you’ll need to go faster or lean back more. Smooth steel will offer very little resistance and may even be faster than your wheels, so you’ll need to keep the board under you as much as possible and prepare for it to pick up speed.