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Some experienced skaters claim that “backside doesn’t count.” They mean the frontside version of any trick is the legitimate one, and the backside is its easier, less credible cousin. This isn’t true; any trick on a skateboard is cool as long as the skater is having fun. There is no “better” trick.

In the frontside version, you will approach the ledge and turn to your left (regular; right if you’re goofy) so you are facing the ledge. The grind feels the same as the backside version but aiming the ollie so that the back trucks land perfectly on the edge of the ledge is easier for most skaters.

1. Approach the ledge with enough speed to carry you off the end of the ledge (but not so fast that your ollie is shaky).

2. Approach the ledge at a slight frontside angle. Look at the spot on the ledge where you want to start your grind.

3. Ollie just high enough to get your rear trucks onto the ledge. Keep the nose high as if you were landing in a manual.

4. As the rear trucks straddle the edge of the ledge in the grind, your speed will carry you along. Hold your balance as if you were in a manual.

5. As you near the end of the ledge, simply push the nose down to flatten the board and fall off.

6. Adjust your feet and roll away.

The frontside 5-0 grind looks cool and is super stylish. When you have done a few and they feel good, you can take them to larger ledges and rails. For a real challenge, try them on pool coping.

Imagine two skaters: The first is trying to learn frontside 5-0 grinds and keeps falling. Every time he falls, he slams his board on the ground and curses loudly and stomps around. The other skater is doing tic tacs around the edge of the park and smiling. He’s having a great time and is stoked to be getting better. Who would you rather be? Who would you rather skate with?

If the board slips away from you, try keeping the grind short so that you’re popping onto the ledge and then quickly off again.

If the 5-0 grind is difficult to hold, try faster 50-50 grinds on the same ledge and practice lifting the nose up during the 50-50.

If the ledge does not have an end to pop off of, you will need to rotate your board off the ledge. This will require you to “fall” off the ledge to your back side and swing the nose of the board with you. The rear trucks should come off the ledge easily.